elaboration of a common methodology for a transport demand model, SWOT analysis

Outcomes of the performed situation analyses and knowledge about general development plans, transport behavior and needs of respective inhabitants provided the basics for the creation of well-established SWOT analyzes, problem trees and problem-objective matrices.

After that Project Partners created various scenarios that describe possible developments of cross-border public transport services in the region.

SWOT analyzes have been created separately for the selected four pilot regions in order to provide insight into the different economical situations of these sub-regions. Afterwards project partners created a summarized analysis on the basis of common elements of the sub-regions. In order to view the SWOT analyzes of the four sub-regions please take a look at on the Final Study that was created within the framework of the project.

After the comparison of SWOT analyses of sub regions it has been turned out that part of the elements are generally valid for all sub- regions of the Hungarian-Slovak border region, while others are only typical in one or more sub-regions.

ü  Prior general group includes those elements that are strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that are valid on country level. These elements should be treated on country level. Most important of these elements are the ones those are related to institutional framework or those related to the implementation of intergovernmental cooperation.


ü  At the same time on sub-regional level it is necessary to involve local decision makers, stakeholders and other actors into the development processes.

Based on developed SWOT analyzes Project Partners created problem trees utilizing also the experiences gained through interviews conducted with related municipalities, public transport service providers and employers in the region.

Project Partners defined problems according to some main direct causes, while they also analyzed which group of related stakeholders and on which level would be able to act and make decision that could aim at the solving of the given problem.

The following general problems have been turned out when developing the SWOT analyzes:

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