set up of a database on cross-border transport

Common unified database of Slovak-Hungarian territory including the transport districts was developed.

On the basis of the Slovak-Hungarian cross-border transport relationships database maps outputs were created. The maps representative the visualisations of survey results, which were realized on the both sides of the border during the autumn 2013 at one working day and one weekend day (see pictures below).

The maps were produced in the environment of ArcGIS of ESRI company.

Further development of the system is planned during the project Transhusk Plus, which represents continuation of TransHUSK. New interactive system, which will visualize interrelations based on the utilization of common database, will be accessible via internet.

At the same time most important objective of the TransHUSK project was the development of a common cross-border public transport strategy that will enhance cross-border relations not only on the field of transport, but on other areas as well.

In order to implement this current cross-border transport relations have been discovered that incorporated the following surveys:

ü  cross-border transport surveys (including border crossing cars and surveys on  public transport utilities);

ü  destination traffic surveys aimed at the definition of travelling habits, motivations and needs of people using public transport for cross-border travels;

ü  household surveys on both sides of the border


In order to record, check, process and store surveyed data, Partners created special software within the framework of the project that is able to manage and visualize collected data, while it is also capable to let people do interactive queries according to various filters and guarantees graphical visualization and analysis of filtered data.


Database is available on Lead Partner’s own server, however users have the possibility to reach it by clicking onto the below link:

In order to login into the database, please type in the following entrance details:

                             User name:                                                   vendeg

Password:                                                     guest

Please, note the database is currently available in Hungarian language.

Should you have any question or comment on the database, please contact our helpdesk colleagues at: +36 1 371-5981 or via e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Our colleagues are happy to assist you further.

Fejleszteni kell a tömegközlekedést a határmenti térségben

Pat. Patfürdőn tartották meg a „Mobilitás elősegítése a magyar-szlovák határ mentén a tömegközlekedés révén” című projekt zárókonferenciáját. A 2012. Szeptember 1-jétől tizennyolc hónapon át tartó program általános célja egy összevont közösségi közlekedési rendszer kifejlesztése volt a magyar-szlovák határmenti régióban.